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We’re excited to tell you about a new tool we’ve incorporated into our Grand Lake Family YMCA Summer Day Camp activities. It’s called Respect Today, and it’s all about promoting kindness, empathy, and understanding towards others. We believe that respect is a crucial behavior that every child should learn and practice. Our campers participate in fun activities that encourage them to listen to nature and each other, support their peers, appreciate differences, and problem-solve together and on their own. Our diverse programs teach campers to respect themselves and the environment. Our counselors model respectful behavior and guide campers in practicing good manners, inclusion, and positive communication. To encourage and share respectful behavior, we use ‘The 7 Happy Days’ in words and songs. These include Be Kind Monday, Listening Tuesday, Cooperation Wednesday, Fast Fix Thursday (problem-solving), Sunshine Friday (celebrating successes), Be A Friend Saturday, and Joyful Sunday. We hope you’ll see these positive behaviors in your child at home too!  Go to for more ideas to enjoy and learn with The 7 Happy Days.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call.