About Us


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide tools to teach and ignite the practice of giving and receiving respect. Every day is Respect Day from preschool on. It’s another component of life-long learning.

​Respect Today is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based entity with simple ideas to enhance our world.  Respect Today and the Happy Days Tool were born in October 2022 out of today’s painful daily need for more respect, understanding, and care for one another. This need touches every person of every age. We feel it at home, in school, at our workplace, in our politics, and more. As the founder of Respect Today, I feel a personal calling to do what I’m able, in the timeframe I have, to help our youth build a kinder, more accountable, respectful future by learning and using simple tools like The Happy Days Tool.  Join me in this initiative by using the Happy Days Tool, sharing them, and creating many more. Adopt these today: 

  • Be Kind Monday 
  • Listening Tuesday 
  • Co-op (Cooperation) Wednesday 
  • Fast Fix Thursday (Resolving a tiff, righting a wrong, saying I’m sorry.  Doing it now; not tomorrow) 
  • Sunshine Friday (Celebrating what you accomplished yesterday, celebrating yourself and others) 
  • Be A Friend Saturday 
  • Joyful Sunday