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The Happy Days Tool

Tools to teach and ignite the practice of giving and receiving respect, one day at a time.

Be Kind Monday

Mondays need TLC for ourselves and others, particularly for kids developing coping skills. Be kind, especially to family. Don’t bully, ever.

Listen Tuesday

Did you hear it? Nature, understanding, relationships, awareness, knowledge, trust, building a better mousetrap? Wow!

Co-op Wednesday

Co-operation; balancing one’s needs and wants with the needs and wants of others. Simple? No. Produces amazing results? Yes!

Fast Fix Thursday

Respect Day users learn to solve or Fast Fix little problems before they become big ones.

Sunshine Friday

Let’s celebrate what we accomplished this week, individually and together. Make it a terrific new day.

Be A Friend Saturday

Yes, be useful. Help at home, then reach out to others. Creatively fill a need. And don’t forget our environment.

Joyful Sunday

OMG! Grateful and mindful; even the bad stuff makes me stronger. Grateful and future dreams. Grateful, respectful, and joyful today.

In the high-tech, lightning-bolt-paced world we live in today, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when it comes to raising children and caregiving. We can’t let fear or the unknown hold us back, however. Instead, we need to take action, start early, and equip our children with the necessary social and behavioral skills to navigate the opportunities and challenges of growing up.
This is where Respect Today and The 7 Happy Days come in. These simple yet powerful tools, like Be Kind Monday and Fast-Fix Problem-Solving Thursday can be easily integrated into our daily routines to promote a culture of respect and kindness. By using these tools, we can enjoy a more harmonious and fulfilling home life, help our children thrive, and positively impact our community. Let’s take action now to help our kids and build a better future for ourselves and our children.

Learned Skills

Respect and understanding are learned skills we utilize with one another every day, at every age. Giving and receiving respect is fundamental to social and emotional learning, embracing our diversity, and recognizing others’ hidden pain, anger, and fear. We all need to be seen and appreciated; giving respect accomplishes both.

Our Behavior

Our world is an enormous, fragile body.  When we consider our individual needs of being seen, respected, appreciated, and somewhat understood, we realize how even small actions matter.What happens when respect, understanding, and care aren’t the norm, or the expectation? Sadly, we are seeing and feeling the results of it today in growing levels of destructive divisiveness, personal attacks, bullying, road rage, and more. Add a need for attention, power, or control, and the results escalate to domestic violence, assault, school and religious attacks, and mass shootings.

Changing The Course

Lasting change takes a village, and lasting solutions lie within our youth. When parents, teachers, schools, and communities partner with kids to develop and use skills of respect and understanding, we can genuinely change our world. Imagine today’s kindergarteners giving and receiving respect, care, and consideration as behavioral norms in their teens and adulthood. The HAPPY DAYS TOOL is a simple, fun, daily activity to teach and use respect and understanding. This simple tool born in a day can last a lifetime.